Mold opening system

Time saving

Thanks to the simple and easy handling of molds, you will save a lot of time. Operator training is also easy.

High stability

This mold opening system is a space saving solution and it still does not lose its stability and is fully safe and transportable.


Increase safety at your workplace when opening molds with this handling device.

Features / Benefits

  • compact design

  • load capacity 3-20 tons

  • simple operation

  • solid construction

  • easy handling

  • simple operator training

  • increased safety in your workplace

  • low price

  • small space requirements

  • every tool factory has got a crane

Useful for

This unique, mobile mold opening system will give you a unique opportunity to open, close and manipulate different types of molds, all in a very short time. The system can be used in the following areas:

– mold maintenance
– preparation of molds for plastic injection
– molds repairments
– assembly of molds for production
– mold cleaning
Using a crane, the mold is placed on both halves of the table of the mold opening system. This is so that exactly one half of the mold lies on each half of the worktable desk. By pulling the table desks apart, the mold can be opened gradually. Larger or older or baked molds may require considerable force to open, so it is advantageous to use trapezoidal screws. After opening the mold, the movement of the plate with half of the mold can be stopped and rotated. This makes the inside of the mold fully accessible for possible service. The procedure for closing the mold is exactly the opposite.

Technical parameters

Atypical types KFM 3000A and C (folding worktable) for opening and closing of the molds weighing up to 3 tons.


Trapezoidal screws

fFor older, heavy, rusted or baked molds.

Raised bases

For more convenient operation and service of molds. Thanks to this elevation, the mold can be operated comfortably at waist level. After work, the raised base can also be used as a table.


Used to accurately record the position of both halves of the mold so that the mold can be conveniently put together after service. Rulers allow you to work with multiple opened molds at one time.

Support plates

For larger 10t but also slender molds with small base,the  so-called support plates must be used. If the operator opens the mold without using these support plates, there would be a risk of falling of some side of the mold.